Our Founder

Our Founder

All Children are Gifted, Some Open Their Presents Later. Dr. Lynch did not know this as a child. From Monday to Thursday she was an average child, if only she did not have to write words, but worst of all, throughout her primary school days, Fridays meant tests, failure and punishment. Dr. Lynch knew the information, but writing answers, especially during the test was difficult. Ideas came easily but writing and spelling were difficult, so the end product never met the standards of her teachers. When she got As in some subjects but performed poorly in freshman English at university, she cried, not understanding that her grades reflected not her ability but the on-going hurdle with Spelling.Recognizing the reasons for her challenges in school was very liberating for Dr. Lynch and implanted in her the passion for making learning less daunting for students who struggle.

Eshe’s was started as an alternative environment to provide children with hidden disabilities the opportunity to experience success. Eshe is an African word that means life in several African languages. Dr. Lynch believes that education is an active ingredient in life’s journey. Her school was created to present the curriculum to children in ways that they would experience success; provide enriching life experiences and foster in them a love for learning that would make them lifelong learners. When the school was first named, and its meaning explained, Jose then a small child said, “Miss you mean this is a living, learning centre?” From its inception Eshe’s has been a place where in addition to the academic content, children learn about themselves. They learn coping strategies, social skills, and they improve their self-esteem. In our community they are helped to discover their gifts, enhance their strengths and address their challenges. In our Living Learning Center adults learn also. Parent education classes and teacher/staff development sessions are also part of the dominant culture of our school for in our village the partnership between home and school is viewed as vital. Dr. Lynch adapted an African proverb that guides her as an educator ‘The Salvation of a Nation Begins in the Homes and Schools of Its People.’

Dr. Lynch has passed the baton to Mrs. Cadette and her very vibrant staff, confident that they are committed to her vision and mission and that they will take the school to higher heights.

We aim to teach each person, child and adult, to Strive Holistically to Achieve Success.