Our History

Eshe’s Learning Center opened its doors with three full-time students and two part-time students, on November 5, 1984 at 7 O’ Connor Street in Woodbrook, Trinidad. The school began in a rented space available to us from 7a.m. to 3p.m. Parents drove students to their first field trips since principal/teacher/ secretary /janitor and full-time students equaled four. In January, 1985, the school moved into the Lynch family home at 17 Alfredo Street, still in Woodbrook. Slowly our numbers grew, and two additional teachers joined the staff. Young children from mainstream schools were sent to us at the start of the school day and older students and adults came after school and work. In two years we expanded the space and added three more classrooms, and a year later rented space for a senior school in Maraval.

In 1987, there was much reason for celebration as we relocated the school to our permanent home at 105 Ariapita Ave. Finally, our entire student population could work and play together. With the purchase of our property, the financial challenges were great, but through the hard work and dedication of our teachers, and donations from corporate sponsors, we’ve upgraded our school over the years, one project at a time. We’ve added a library, pre-vocational classrooms, a computer lab and a steel-pan theatre.

Within the past four years we have forged ties with schools overseas. Through our relationship with The Howard School in Atlanta, Georgia, we have introduced several innovations learned from them. Five members of our staff have visited the Howard School and three of their faculty members have facilitated workshops locally for our staff. Our students in our Life skills department now have established a big brother, big sister relationship with sophomores at Hamilton College in New York. We recognize that being technology literate enables access to the vast body of information available on the World-Wid. Software such as Reading & Write Gold and audio books open new pathways for students that make learning more interesting and stimulating.

Committed to embedding technology throughout the school, we added twenty laptops to our technology bank in 2012 and our aim is to place computers in each class so children can work independently at specific skills, while their teachers work with subgroups within the classroom.Over the years, our school has been blessed as we usually attract creative, dedicated, engaging teachers who invest both their time and talent to serve our students. We boast of having a qualified staff as most of our teachers have their undergraduate degrees and many of them will have their graduate degrees in the near future.