Our School & Our Mission

Our School


Eshe’s Learning Centre is a co-educational school for children with learning disabilities. Most of our students have reading, writing, spelling and /or mathematical deficiencies that are reflected in their thinking, problem solving and expressive language capacities

At Eshe’s we recognize that our students:
Have a range of learning strengths and challenges
Need to learn at their own pace
Must be provided with appropriate interventions and successful experiences to foster their self-esteem and ensure academic success

Our Vision


Eshe’s Learning Centre will be the recognized authority in the region for the delivery of holistic education to persons with invisible learning challenges to empower them to discover their inner gifts and become productive citizen.

Our Mission


Eshe’s Learning Centre will serve persons with invisible learning differences, within a distinctly nurturing atmosphere which emphasizes sensitivity and acceptance, by:
Adopting best educational practices for students
Continuous professional development for all stakeholders
Utilizing state of the art facilities
Operating within a financially sustainable system


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