Our Teachers

Staff Development

Our Teachers

If children are to master skills, the adults teaching them must be fully competent in these skills. Ninety percent of our teachers have graduated from our local universities with undergraduate degrees in Primary Education or Special Education. Five of teachers also have graduate degrees. Staff turnover at Eshès is very low with most of our existing staff having been at the school for 5 to 26 years. From the inception, staff development has been viewed as integral to maintaining a progressive educational institution. This remains at the core of all that takes place in our school. Teachers are exposed to a range of best practices used both locally and internationally to enrich and expand the learning experiences of our students.

  • Teachers have opportunities to observe and interact with mainstream teachers/schools to develop an appreciation of the environments from which our students come and to which, many of them would return.
  • Teachers enroll in workshops with mainstream teachers so that cross-pollination could take place. Teachers have received training in programs such as Handwriting Without Tears, LIPS, Visualizing and Verbalizing, The School Leadership Summer Institutes, Common Sense Parenting, Zippy and Media in the Classroom to name a few. The school also provides weekly and vacation staff development sessions to address targeted topics.
  • The school organizes visits to schools in the Caribbean and North America exposing our staff to best practices and ensuring teachers keep abreast of innovations in education.
  • Teachers from mainstream schools both nationally and regionally are invited to our professional development workshops often facilitated by presenters from North America.

Our Contribution to Society

  • Graduates re-enter mainstream schools with skills and improved self-esteem better prepared to successfully navigate our education system.
  • Parents provide most of our referrals as they credit us with their children’s success. Proudly we can say that most of our graduates are vibrant contributors to our society, employed in the public and private sector. Several are graduates of local and foreign universities.
  • Our prevocational training for teens unable to enter the secondary school system has lead youngsters to successful career paths
  • Research indicates that successful educational opportunities reduce the number of young people who become juvenile delinquents. Few of our graduates have become liabilities on our society.