Admission Procedure

Psychologists, pediatricians, teachers, past parents and other professionals, usually refer students to us. We welcome applications to our school! In determining if a student is right for us, we take into consideration.

1. Students whose Psycho-educational assessment suggests that given their academic challenge, we have the professional resources to meet their educational needs and who, after teacher screening and observation, seem a suitable match for our school.

2. Students who, after having spent at least one day at Eshe’s in an immersion model, are thought to be the right match for us.


The school’s tuition is $4500.00TT per term. If registered with the Ministry of Education, students can qualify for a government grant that provides partial funding that reduces tuition cost to parents. The basic tuition grant is two thousand dollars per term ($2000.00) and children from financially challenged homes can receive up to an additional eight hundred dollars per term ($800.00). A few children receive additional help from the school’s scholarship fund based on their family’s circumstance.